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Te amo, Mexico!

I went to Mexico for three weeks, from Christmas day to the middle of January. I know it’s a bit late to be posting details and I’m sure no one will care, but for the sake of continuity and completion, I’ve decided to write about my time there. Besides, it’s been over a year since I last updated the blog and I would like it to continue.

I decided back in the summer that I would visit Mexico. It seemed like a good destination since it’s cheap, only 5 hours from Toronto and has all the things I yearn for in a country: excellent food, a vibrant culture, a rich history, archaeological delights and great natural scenery. I debated going to Guatemala since I really wanted to visit Tikal. My friend asked to come along and after some thought, we decided to concentrate on Mexico since it had so much to offer. We decided to do Mexico properly rather than rush our way through. After some research, we came up with a tentative itinerary which started in Mexico City and ended in Cancun. I will give some information about all our stops, but first I’d like to start with Mexican food!!

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