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Cancun & Isla Mujeres

Cancun was not the gawdy place I imagined it would be – Cancun City proper, that is. The Cancun resort area was just as horrible as I imagined it to be. The beaches were dirty and gritty, made worse by the strong winds that were plaguing the city.

Luckily, our time in the resort area was short and brief, although we were still inundated with massive malls, Americanisms and Senor Frog’s. I now understand the reference to Senor Tadpole’s on Arrested Development!

Instead of spending time in Cancun, my friend and I opted to go to Isla Mujeres – a small island 7 km long and 650 metres wide – where many of the townspeople still travel around by golf cart. In contrast to the gritty sand beaches of Cancun, the beaches were fine white sand and the water was a gorgeous blue, warm and shallow.

After lazing around the beach, my friend and I biked around the entire island – not the easiest feat with the heat and my friend’s lack of biking skills – but we managed to make the trip alive and well. Along the way, we saw the lighthouse, went to the far northern and southern points and visited a turtle farm which also had other interesting sea creatures housed in aquariums such as sea horses and mini crabs.

We were only able to spend a day in Isla Mujeres and even though it is small and we managed to see everything, it still felt like a tease because the island was so beautiful. Our wonderful day there was made better by running into our Argentinian friends from Mexico City. What a great way to end the trip.


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