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Ontario Cottaging

I have been fortunate enough to visit many countries around the world but I haven’t seen very much of my home country, Canada. I often meet travellers who are in the same position. They’ll remark that I’ve seen more of their country than them. For me, there is something more alluring about visiting a foreign country than travelling within my own – even one as varied and large as Canada – but that does mean missing out on some fantastic locations.

One common weekend getaway in Canada is to go to a lakeside cottage outside of the city. My cottaging experience is quite limited, being the child of immigrants. Recently, I was invited to a friend’s cottage near Barry’s Bay.

We were a bit far north from Toronto so it was considerably chillier than the city.
The leaves had already fallen off – and it was early November. Back in the city, the leaves were still changing colour.

There were some nice hiking trails around the area. We had to climb up some rocks to get to the top lookout point which oversaw the forest and the lake.
It was nice to get away from the city lights and noises and feel closer to nature. I hope I can own a cottage or have regular access to one when I’m older.

Some pictures of Northern Ontario:

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