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Back at it…Fujifilm style

It’s been over two years since my last post about Copenhagen. I decided to redo this website with a new design because I have revived my love of photography. Also, I seldom write anymore and I know my written skills, while never excellent, have atrophied considerably in the last few years.

So what has revived my love of photography? The Fujifilm X100T! Over the years, I had developed some issues with my shoulders/back and carrying around a heavy camera was the last thing I wanted to do. My Nikon D5100 was mostly sitting in a bag, unless I was travelling or going somewhere where I didn’t have to carry it around. And often, I preferred to just use my phone anyways.

I borrowed a friend’s X100 and that convinced me to get the X100T, despite the price tag. It’s almost the perfect camera for me, for these reasons:

  • It has a fixed lens which I prefer. It makes you think harder about composing your shot and makes you move your body rather than the zoom.
  • While not pocketable, it’s light and small, especially in comparison to a DSLR with comparable image quality.
  • The smaller size makes it less intimidating for street photography, which is my style of photo-taking.
  • The retro design and manual dials make it a fun, tactile experience. Plus it looks great. The X100T is a tour-de-force in product design.
  • The JPGs straight-out-of -the-camera are shareworthy for 95% of my pictures. Since I only like processing my best photos anyways, this saves me a lot of time.

Since I got the camera, I have taken it with me to Halifax, Los Angeles, Utah and the Bahamas. Despite preferring a fixed lens, I had never exclusively travelled with one, and I was worried about losing shots. But instead what I found was I just ended up taking a different style of photos. I didn’t focus much on architectural shots or landscapes – those have never been my forte anyways – and instead concentrated on people, street signs and building details.

So I sold my Nikon D5100 without any second thoughts. But despite everything I wrote, I am looking to possibly getting another Fujifilm camera or maybe the X100 converters; I am debating myself hard about the necessity of it. The one thing that the Fujifilm X100T lacks is the ability to take close-range portraits and that is something I would like to become more skilled at. I’m also looking to try a film camera as an alternative since I do like the look of it and feel like it would make me a better photographer.

For now, however, I’m happy that I have the X100T and will make the most of the wonderful things it offers.


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