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More photos of South Korea

A beach near the green tea plantations of Boseong
Taken at Herbnara, Korea’s largest herb garden
Ain’t he cute?
Same beach as to the left








This photo was taken at Nami Island, a picturesque island 1 hour from Seoul.
More fallen blossoms. The water actually looked quite gross up close but the shadows on the water and the (random) scattering of the blossoms rendered the water quite beautiful from afar.
Man-made stream in Seoul
Wire-frame statue at N-seoul Tower











These stone markers are found in front of Korean palaces. Court officials need to stand next to the appropriate ranking.
Another photo of the Secret Garden aka Biwon aka Huwon
The full moon was visible during the day (around 4 pm). Seongsan Ilchubong, a dormant volcano, is in the background.
Rush of the waterfall










And another sunset!
The rocks appear in shadow effectively making this a duotone photo.
I saw a streak of light in the sky and took this photo.
Sunset over Jeju-do








A statue of a Haenyo. The Haenyo are an amazing group of women who free-dive for seaweed, shellfish and other edible sea creatures and have the ability to hold their breath underwater for two minutes. Sadly, most of the Haenyo are older women which means their tradition will die out soon.
The centre of a flower
Replicas of old Korean masks being sold as souvenirs
Pieces of wood seen while walking around Inwangsan, a mountain with buddhist temples and shamans chanting about.













Korean chili peppers left out to dry. I found about 90% of Korean food was spicy.
A building on the Deoksugung Palace grounds
Statue at Deoksugung palace
Rabbit by a blossom tree

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