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More photos of Japan


View of a Tokyo highway from the Tokyo Tower








Running from the rain at Ueno park
Man paying respect to the Japanese war dead at the Yasukuni shrine. This shrine is extremely controversial as it has the names of Class A War criminals. It is especially a sore point for the former imperialistic conquests of the Japanese such as the Chinese and Korean.














Mt Fuji (Kawaguchi)







This garden was destroyed by the atomic bomb.
The famous A-bomb dome. This was near the hypercentre of the Atomic blast but amazingly did not collapse.























4 thoughts on “More photos of Japan”

  • Caroline! Great pictures, wow everything reminds me of my trip and time there..and it was only a little over a month ago. I haven’t read everything yet as it is pretty late over here back home but I will get around to it. I’m sure you’ve written some great tales! Happy safe traveling =)


  • Caroline, your photos are really really good. Do you have a SLR? (I probably already asked you that before)

    Looking forward to reading/seeing entries from the rest of your trip.
    Have fun!!

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