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Observations from China

The nice thing about travelling through China is that culturally it is so different your visual senses are always being stimulated. Here are a few observations:

  • Many Chinese children wear shit suits: clothing that has a large, gaping hole in the crotch area. This enables children to poo anywhere and everywhere while their parents hold them in their arms.
  • China has more designer shops than any other country I’ve been to. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, you name it!
  • Bottle-hunting is a big activity. Many people scrounge through garbages in search of bottles or will ask you to give yours. Sadly, many old ladies and men seemed to be doing the digging and would ask for your bottles even if they were still full.
  • The Chinese can often be very expressive. I saw a few fights occurring including one very physical argument between two women at the fabric market. Security had to be called!
  • Chinese women work many jobs that are only held by men in the Western world. I saw female taxi drivers, bus drivers, female construction workers and bulldozers!

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