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You know you are in Southeast Asia when…

  • you see a motorbike used as a minivan.
  • street food is better than restaurant food.
  • you can get a delicious meal for $1.
  • you see livestock transported on the back of a motorbike.
  • people try to sell you useless things and convince you that you need it.
  • you can eat the best pho ever in a tailor shop.
  • you can get a suit custom-made in 12 hours.
  • terrible pop music is being played everywhere. Not just Asian pop but the Backstreet Boys as well.
  • you can’t go 10 metres without being offered a tuk tuk/motorcycle/cyclo/taxi ride.
  • the merchants never have change.
  • everyone’s name is either one syllable or twenty.
  • safety standards are poor and you don’t mind (sort of).
  • buses are very late.
  • you are in a very remote area and there is still a satellite and tv.
  • everyone around you is asleep in the day.
  • there are ants crawling everywhere. Over your bed, your clothes, your bathroom wall.
  • all the good seats on a tourist bus are taken by locals.
  • your rest stop is the biggest tourist trap known to man.
  • the reception area is also someone’s bedroom.
  • none of the locals have luggage on a 5+ hour bus ride.
  • the word “official” has absolutely no meaning.
  • the dinner rest stop is at 12 am.
  • your tourist agency is also a massage parlour, or convenience store, or tattoo parlour etc.
  • things make absolutely no sense but somehow work out in the end

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