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Stop child sex tourism!

I was absolutely disgusted to read about a 90-year old Australian man who has been accused of raping 4 young Thai girls near Chiang Mai. Police found about 100 photographs of naked children in his home. The man is, of course, innocent until proven guilty but there is no denying that child sex tourism is unacceptable and must be stopped. Child sex tourism is not limited to Southeast Asia; it’s a worldwide scourge.

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The effects of child sex tourism in Thailand and Cambodia

An excellent in-flight PSA

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How you can help

  • Consider supporting businesses in the tourism industry that have adopted The Code regarding the sexual exploitation of children.
  • Understand that it’s a crime, not only in the country in which the offense occurs, but also punishable in the country of the perpetrator’s citizenship. Read about how a Dutchman learned, too late, that he could report the crime in his home country.
  • Support ECPAT, an organization committed to stopping child prostitution and trafficking.

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