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Campeche, Campeche

My friend and I had decided to visit Campeche, a city anointed with UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999 for its well-preserved city walls and colonial architecture, prior to going to Mexico. We decided to go there rather than Merida, the famous gateway to Chichen Itza which we had decided to skip. Campeche is indeed a beautiful city, well-deserved of its World Heritage status. It is a colourful mosaic of yellow, pink and blue buildings.


The city was even more beautiful at night when the city was flooded with lights.

There is little to do in Campeche other than soak up the atmosphere. We visited Baluarte de San Juan, a bastion connected to the wall, the market and a few little museums. Campeche was relatively banal after the craziness of Palenque. It is indeed a beautiful city and a great place to take a break, but with limited time on our vacation, I couldn’t help but feel that the time could have been better spent elsewhere.



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