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Iguazu Amazing

Iguazu Falls puts Niagara Falls to shame. As a Canadian who has visited the latter numerous times, I feel qualified to say this. While Niagara Falls is surrounded by casinos and fast-food restaurants, Iguazu is surrounded by lush rainforest.

We started on the Brazilian side, which is less impressive, but gives a better panoramic view. We walked around for about an hour or two, but that was more than sufficient.

The next day, we crossed borders to Argentina and I was completely blown away. Iguazu is actually a collection of falls and it’s expansive. We walked around for a good amount time, each step and falls just as impressive as the first. The pathways built were quite impressive as they allow you to get exceptionally close. I wonder if anyone died in the process of building them.

In between the falls, in the mist, there were a bunch of falcons, which we were told, use the bursts of air to make it easier to catch their prey.

I saw at least 10 rainbows, unfortunately no double rainbows!

Visiting Iguazu is an experience I will never forget. There is something beautiful about a large quantity of falling water. Before it reaches the edge, it’s peaceful and beautiful. But when it goes over the edge, there is a rush of power which is not apparent – the calm before the storm.

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