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Paraty & Ihla Grande

Paraty (pronounced Parachee) is a pleasant, colonial town (and a UNESCO heritage site) situated on the Costa Verde which lies on the coastline of Rio de Janeiro state. Its historic centre, in which no cars are allowed, consists of cobblestoned streets and pretty historic buildings.

Although the town is becoming more touristed, I was surprised by the dearth of street vendors which are usually so prevalent in touristy Latin American colonial towns; I only saw one lonely vendor. 

The first day was spent walking around the town, eating good food and drinking. The second day, we hired a private boat for our group and went out to the bay. We snorkelled and swam in blue-green water and drank lots of caipirinhas. This was one of the funnest days of our trip and I would highly recommend visiting Paraty.

After Paraty, we ventured out further east to Ilha Grande, a beautiful island, which was the destination I was most excited about visiting in Brazil after Iguazu and it didn’t disappoint. The island is a tranquil oasis and we stayed in a lovely little cabana with hammocks! The beach was pristine and the water was blue and warm.

The night life was reflective of its relaxed atmosphere. We drank more caipirinhas and danced at a samba club. The most disappointing part of staying at Ilha Grande was our stay was not long enough so we couldn’t fully soak in the entire island. Those are the disadvantages of group travel, I supposed.

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