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Climbing Moab

I started rock climbing a few years ago and one thing that I’ve wanted to do since is a vacation that incorporates some outdoor climbing.

Moab seemed like the perfect destination for this and so I did a half-day rock climbing trip with Red River Adventures.

The sandstone of Moab is absolutely gorgeous: red hues ornamented with black lines.

The climbs were a bit easier than my top grade but I mostly didn’t mind since outdoor is terrifying and I generally fall a grade anyways. I would have liked one challenging climb but I understand that with a tour like this, they are trying to accommodate different levels.

These are the climbs that we did:

  • Black and Tan Slab
  • Black slab
  • Brewed awakenings
  • Left Slab

I love slab climbs since they’re about finesse, balance and technique. I had only done one outdoor slab climb so to do 3 in a single day was pretty fun. I met a few others climbers who were experienced and had travelled from California to climb Moab. A few friends have also travelled down there to climb so it’s definitely a highly sought climbing destination. I highly recommend it!

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