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Planning my next trip…to the Indian ocean!

Back in 2013, I wrote a list of my dream destinations. I’ve been fortunate to tackle a couple of items on the list, Copenhagen and Sweden in 2014, and in about a month, I’ll be visiting a few of the more remote places.

As I mentioned in my last post, I haven’t had an adventurous vacation in awhile and I’ve been itching to do one of late. I miss long bus rides, navigating a language I don’t know, interacting with people who have different social protocols and observing their customs and routines. I also miss the perspective that travelling through a developing country gives you. It makes you appreciate what you have, but it also teaches you what you’re missing when you get caught up in the rat race that a large city like Toronto engenders.

I will be unemployed in a few weeks and rather than fret about it, I have decided to take this opportunity to travel somewhere far. Over the last couple of years, I have realized the scarcity of time and freedom. I’m in a fortunate position to not be worrying about my next meal or having a roof over my head and so, necessities aside, time is the commodity that I value most; I feel lucky that I have a period of plentiful free time, despite the uncertainty ahead.

At the beginning of May, I will be going to Madagascar, La Réunion and France. My trip will be a total of 39 days and I’m very excited but nervous since I feel very ill-prepared. Other than Madagascar where I opted to do a tour after discussing the pros and cons with various people, I have very little planned right now. I will also be solo which is posing another set of challenges. I’m realizing that time is ticking down and I should make some decisions soon. I will write more about the difficulties of planning La Réunion in another post.

Vive l’aventure!

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