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People of Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world, so cameras are not very common there. Most people were very open to getting their pics snapped and the kids loved seeing their photos on my screen. I wish I had brought a photo printer with me, and it’s something I’ll bring if I ever go there again. I mailed over some photos I took but I’m not sure if they were delivered because I’m guessing that the Madagascar postal service isn’t very reliable.

Here are some photos of the Malagasy I met:

Madagascar is where the real catwalks are
I told this man that I liked his bike and he proudly stood for this photo
These kids were standing outside their church on a Sunday
Cute little girl
These kids were very fascinated by me! And asked for a photo
This man’s scarf was so nice vibrant, I knew I wanted a picture
The kids in Madagascar are fascinated by cameras!
Taking photos of these kids was probably my favourite moment of the trip. They were so happy and excited to see themselves on screen.
The shyer kids of the group
Mother and child
Typical Malagasy: smiling and friendly
Coy girl
Matriarch of a family whose house we visited
When I asked this woman for a photo, she straightened her back and her hat. It was a beautiful moment.
Proof of how photogenic Madagascar is
This girl was adorable and would yell out Salut every few seconds

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