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Gluten-Free in Paris

While I was in Madagascar, I was having trouble eating gluten. I had cut it out for a few months prior to my trip due to some ongoing digestion issues. After La Réunion and Madagascar, I decided to go gluten-free in Paris to make things more comfortable for me. (It’s nearly impossible to go gluten-free in La Réunion.) I worried that it would be difficult because France and bread are synonymous but fortunately it wasn’t as challenging as I thought. When I self-catered, I lived off rice cakes, cheese, tomatoes and other good stuff. In terms of bakeries and restaurants, here are a few places I ate at:

  • Eric Kayser: This is a big bakery chain in Paris. Their macarons, already naturally gluten-free, were pretty tasty.
  • Thank You, My Deer: Not only did I have the best coffee I had in Paris, I had a very tasty gluten-free muffin.
  • Coffee Michalak School Masterclass: This bakery was situated in an area filled with healthy eating restaurants and bakeries. I had the most delicious brownie of my life here and yes, it was gluten-free!
  • Chambelland: The bread here was really good but very dense since it’s made of rice flour. I took some of their cookies with me to Canada!
  • Helmut Newcake: This gluten-free cafe had a good variety of tasty treats.
  • Nous Paradis: Healthy rice bowls. It wasn’t too bad but nothing special.
  • Noglu: This place was decent but again, nothing special.
  • Breizh Cafe: Savory crêpes are naturally gluten-free since they are made of buckwheat flour.

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